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Diagnoses and Medical Procedures

These assessments describe the occurrence of particular diagnoses and medical procedures observed in the Mini-Sentinel Distributed Database.

The information is derived from queries of precompiled counts ("summary tables") or adaptable standardized programs ("modular programs").


The information contained on this website is provided as part of FDA's commitment to place knowledge acquired from the Mini-Sentinel pilot in the public domain as soon as possible. Please read the disclaimer.


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Results from Assessments of Diagnoses and Medical Procedures Search. Click on the title in each column header to sort based on that column; click twice to reverse the sort. By default, the list is sorted by date with newest postings first.
 TitleQuery TypeStatusDate Posted
DetailsInjection omalizumab procedure codesSummary tableComplete 2-27-2015
DetailsGastrointestinal disordersSummary tableComplete 2-26-2015
DetailsProgressive multifocal leukoencephalapathy Summary tableComplete 2-26-2015
DetailsMemory gel breast implants Summary table Complete 11-11-2014
DetailsCPAX aneurysm procedure codesSummary table Complete 10-22-2014
DetailsLap-band diagnosis codesSummary table Complete 10-22-2014
DetailsLap-band procedure codesSummary table Complete 10-22-2014
DetailsActiva tremor control proceduresSummary tableComplete 10-17-2014
DetailsAscension metacarpophalangeal diagnosesSummary table Complete 10-17-2014
DetailsAscension metacarpophalangeal proceduresSummary table Complete 10-17-2014
DetailsCPAX aneurysm diagnosesSummary table Complete 10-17-2014
DetailsActiva tremor control diagnosesSummary table Complete 10-16-2014
DetailsDialysis HCPCS procedure codesSummary table Complete 10-15-2014
DetailsDialysis ICD9 diagnosis codesSummary tableComplete 10-15-2014
DetailsDialysis ICD9 procedure codesSummary tableComplete 10-15-2014
DetailsInfectious disease diagnosesModular ProgramComplete 9-25-2014
DetailsDiabetes diagnoses and occurrence of laboratory resultsModular ProgramComplete 6-12-2014
DetailsIntravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) proceduresModular ProgramComplete 6-10-2014
DetailsHemorrhagic disorder diagnosesSummary tableComplete 6-04-2014
DetailsOccurrence of kidney stonesModular ProgramComplete 2-27-2014
DetailsAcute kidney failure diagnosesSummary tableComplete 1-13-2014
DetailsHemodialysis proceduresSummary tableComplete 1-13-2014
DetailsOccurrence of selected dental HCPCS codesSummary tableComplete 1-13-2014
DetailsCataract proceduresSummary tableComplete 1-13-2014
DetailsCholecystectomy proceduresSummary tableComplete 1-13-2014
DetailsHerniorrhaphy proceduresSummary TableComplete 1-13-2014
DetailsMyringotomy proceduresSummary tableComplete 1-13-2014
DetailsTonsil/adenoid removal proceduresSummary tableComplete 1-13-2014
DetailsNursing home facility HCPCS codes Summary tableComplete 1-13-2014
DetailsChronic Kidney Disease diagnosesModular ProgramComplete 12-31-2013
DetailsNursing home HCPCS codesModular ProgramComplete 12-31-2013
DetailsOccurrence of selected biological product HCPCS codesSummary table Complete 10-11-2013
DetailsUnspecified anterior pituitary hyperfunction and hypertrophy of the breast diagnosesSummary table Complete 10-09-2013
DetailsHIV and HBV infection diagnosesSummary table Complete 10-09-2013
DetailsBupropion HCL sustained release HCPCS codesSummary table Complete 10-09-2013
DetailsInjection amphotericin proceduresSummary table Complete 1-09-2013
DetailsHip implant procedures and diagnoses 2Summary table Complete 1-09-2013
DetailsNucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor proceduresSummary table Complete 1-09-2013
DetailsInjection ustekinumab and injection denosumab proceduresSummary tableComplete 12-14-2012
DetailsInjection natalizumab proceduresSummary table Complete 12-14-2012
DetailsOccurrence of Selected HCPCS Codes 1Summary table Complete 8-30-2012
DetailsOccurrence of Selected HCPCS Codes 2Summary table Complete 8-02-2012
DetailsRegional enteritis and ulcerative enterocolitis diagnosesSummary table Complete 6-22-2012
DetailsArthritis diagnosesSummary table Complete 6-22-2012
DetailsVEGF and bone resorption inhibitor proceduresSummary table Complete 6-19-2012
DetailsNegative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) proceduresSummary table Complete 6-08-2012
DetailsMilk allergy diagnosesSummary table Complete 5-11-2012
DetailsHip implant procedures and diagnosesSummary table Complete 5-11-2012
DetailsProgressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy diagnosesSummary table Complete 4-27-2012
DetailsHyperlipidemia diagnosesSummary table Complete 4-27-2012
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